Our mission is to provide awareness, support and educational resources to those directly and indirectly affected by chronic illnesses; with special focus, but, not limited to, mental and rare diseases.



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  • Have you visited us on Facebook, yet? Stay up to date with various health awareness months and days. You just missed Behçets Awareness Day on the 20th and Vasculitis Awareness Month is wrapping up the month of May. Don’t worry, as we’ll continue into June with National Scleroderma, Migraine and Headache awareness month. 

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 CRE has been working behind the scenes to become an official organization to provide YOU with what you need! In doing so, we have assembled our official board of directors.Please welcome:

  • Jasmin Hudgins, MLS (ASCP) cm, M. Clfs
  • Krystle White, BSPH, MPA
  • ShaRonda McNeill, MT, MPH

Biographies coming soon! You don’t have to wait on us to get up and running, though. Contact us or follow us on Facebook

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New blog; The Truth Behind the Smile in the Recent Posts section. Please go read, enjoy  sound off! Thanks!

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